Passenger Car 4 Poster

4 Poster System with automatic track and wheelbase adjustment during assembly

4 Poster test rigs are used for durability testing, for vibration and harshnes test and for general analytic and subjective noise and vibration analysis.

Inova delivers 4 Poster testing systems in many variations for small and light passenger cars up to truck, trailer and agriculture vehicles.

The easy to use software TestControl in combination with tthe iteration software ITRMpro allows a easy and fast test set up and configuration and run.

Inova Tire Coupled Road Simulators (4 Poster)

Traktor Test Rig

4 Poster test rig for tractors

Tire coupled road simulator with additional axial and lateral forces for heavy vehicles like truks or agriculture vehicles.

Vehicle is placed on 4 verical actuators to apply forces trough the tires. Inner loop control is done in position mode of the actuators, outer loop control feedback are acceleration at the knuckles.

For teh vertical actuators our Series AH actuators with reinforced sidolad capacity are used.



Whellbase and track width ara adjustable comfortable by teh use of hand wheels and scales on X-Y adjustment units under each actuators. Electric adjustment units are also available.



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